Big Fat Real Estate Checks Ep 171: Talking Shop With The Man, The Myth, The Legend… Les Brown!

“Thank you for being the person that you are. When I think about Marco, it’s about the passion to master whatever you do. You’re the kind of person that it’s not about being halfway in… if you’re gonna do it, you’re gonna be all in.”
– Les Brown

Les Brown is a former American politician, television host and radio DJ, and recognized as one of the world’s greatest motivational speakers. Over the last four decades he has transformed numerous lives with his speeches relating to almost every aspect of life. He grabbed attention as a member of the ‘Ohio House of Representatives’ and later went on to host his own show called ‘The Les Brown Show’ where he taught people to follow their dreams and reiterate the phrase “it’s possible”, emphasizing the need to seek solutions rather than ponder over problems.

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[0:02] Mastering skills and passion with Les Brown and Marco Kozlowski.
[3:23] The importance of relationships and self-development in achieving success.
[9:52] Leadership, growth, and customer experience.
[14:49] Personal growth and self-improvement.
[19:07] Overcoming challenges and finding purpose with motivational speaker Les Brown.
[25:43] Personal growth, leadership, and financial management.
[32:19] Personal growth and change.

Transcript [ Ep 171: Talking Shop With The Man, The Myth, The Legend… Les Brown!]​

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Marco Kozlowski: Hey, everyone, welcome to big fat real estate checks. I hope you’re ready for I am of course, Marco, because lupski Your almost fearless leader, and I am more than honored, thrilled. And really, I can’t even say the word that I want to say that we have the myth, the man and the legend. Les Brown with us today. Bless really doesn’t need an introduction at all. I don’t know if I want to call him Mr. Brown less. LB l WB? I don’t know, we’ll see. We’ll see where this relationship takes us. And yeah, as you know, the first step in in any journey is to acquire as many skills as possible. In fact, if you Google, how do I really become wealthy, invest in yourself. And that is the most important skill set and the most impactful series of words that you can actually really come across. And if you take those seriously, and do whatever it takes to build your skill set internally, you really become invincible and can accomplish pretty much anything that you set your mind to within reason, right? You’re not going to look like Chris Hemsworth in three days, just calm down. Alright, so less, I cannot thank you enough for investing some time here. I’m I’m we’ve never really had a conversation before. And I’m going to be like a little girl right now. And just, you know, I’m not going to throw my underwear at you. But I’m definitely very excited to talk to you. So oh V had a huge impact in my life. And I just I just want to thank you for for being here. I really do your

Les Brown: and thank you for being the person that you are the PA in your name stands for passion, there’s something that that you decide to do and you pour yourself all in it tremendously and tub. So when I think about Marco, it’s about the passion to master whatever you do to you, you’re the kind of person that it’s it’s not about being halfway if you’re gonna do it, you’re gonna be all in. Remember, Al Williams said, All you can do is all you can do. And all you can do is enough. But make sure you do all you can do. And that’s why I applaud you, my brother,

Marco Kozlowski: Man, I really appreciate that. There was a when Kobe Bryant was alive, he would go to practice and reporter was there and if you heard the story, but he did an hour of basic footwork for an hour before he did his his actual workout. And the guy that was doing the interview said Kobe, you’re one of the best players in the world. Why are you doing basic footwork before? You know the stuff you did in high school. You’re the number one player in the world. And you said that’s why the number one player in the world. I had the basics. The basics are the basics. And if you just master the basics, everything grows from there. So I appreciate that. And yes, I’m only good at seven things. Counting isn’t one of them. Right? But if you’re good at something you want to go in all in and we don’t have to do a lot of things. Well, just one thing. Well actually another story I know if you’ve heard this story, the one arm Judo kid did you hear about this story really, really, really great. I did judo when I was a kid really resonated with me. And a farmer last farmer had a son that lost an arm in a in an accident. And the son was devastated. Obviously he didn’t want to do anything quite depressed and the son was enticed by his father to go take Judo classes. Just try it have some fun. He’s like I got one arm What am I going to do? And he says well just give it a shot and we’ll see if you know if the sensei that I really respect I’ve known him for you know my whole life if he’ll take you as a as a pupil. Sensei looks at him and says he’s perfect. And the sensei trains him for one move. One move everyday practice that one Move one Move, one Move one Move. And after a year, the sensei looks at him and says I think you’re ready to compete. And he’s like, what I got one arm like I got one move. How am I going to compete against everyone else? Because just belief, just just do one match. And we’ll see what happens. He does the one match. And he wins very quickly with this one move. Because Stan, how the heck did I do that? Next match wins with one move. Third match final match. Wins becomes a champion that goes over to the sensei Sensei and says here’s one move How’s How’s it possible that he achieved such high heights with being disabled? And the sensei looks at him and says the only way to counter that move is by holding the other arm Well, I’m sure he doesn’t have. So you turned the disability into an ability, right? Everyone has excuses as to why they can do things. And when I heard that story, it really resonated as well. I love stories as a storyteller yourself, right? People do remember stories better than anything else. And the story that we’re telling ourselves is really what our biggest poison is usually not good enough. Don’t have enough. I need one more thing. One more thing, five more minutes. 10 more minutes Next day, tomorrow, whatever. So I’ll shut up. Now. This is your this is your time? Well,

Les Brown: first of all, what many people miss out on when he started talking about how people function. The most extensive study done on self esteem was by Dr. Martin Seligman. And he wrote the book, as you familiar with learned optimism. And he talked about the fact that between the ages of zero and seven and seven is my lucky number. That the things that we hear the environment that we’re in the people that we are around, they influence us and the choices that we make in life. And unless there’s an interruption unless there’s a Mako that will come in, because how people live their lives is result of the story they believe about themselves. And so what you do and helping people to begin to visualize them getting a big fat check in real estate, when other people are concerned about artificial intelligence and the economy, you what you do is distract, dispute and inspire you distract people from their current story and excuses. They give themselves for not going all in, you dismantle their current belief system, and you inspire them as Mother Teresa would say, to become a pencil in the hand of God and start writing a new chapter in their lives. And that’s why this work that you’re doing is so very important. Because when when people are being presented with an idea, or concept, or purchasing real estate, or whatever it might be, they’re asking three questions. Number one, who are you, because people do business with people they know, like and trust. And so your ability to share that succinctly. Number two, what do you have? What are the skill set that you have? What level of competence that you have? That will be a value to me and three, can I trust you. And trust is not something that’s given trust is something that is earned. And so the experience that people are creating as a result of going through your training and listening to you on a regular basis, that allow them to go beyond just giving information, if information could persuade people, everybody would be the number one sell on the planet. But the experience that you create from you who you are behind the words that you speak, of far more important than the words that you’re putting out on the planet. And so that integrity, that energy, that that part of yourself that make people feel comfortable, and they say, You know what, I believe Marco. And it’s very important in life, that you have someone that believes in you until your belief kicks in. And that’s what you can vape with the work that you’re doing and the curriculum that you have created, because you are saying to people don’t speak to sell, speak to develop a relationship. It is about the relationship. Yes, relationships matter. And it’s actually

Marco Kozlowski: I believe that relationships other than time are the most important currency. Because if you it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you at the end of the day.

Les Brown: know, it’s who you know, know, here’s the go, I heard it. It’s

Marco Kozlowski: a who it’s not what you know, or who you know, it’s who knows you right? Is it No, am I wrong?

Les Brown: No, it’s okay. You’re not wrong. I’m just adding something to it. It’s not. I love it. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and I say no, it’s who you know, and what they know about you.

Marco Kozlowski: You’re absolutely right. Because you Yeah,

Les Brown: you could know the right people. But if they see you as a chump, if that doesn’t matter. You’re absolutely right. Oh, absolutely. And what people know about Mako is that your goal is to bring out the best in them that goes beyond just getting a big fat real estate check. But how can you develop yourself you don’t get in life what you want you get in life, what you are, how do you begin to develop yourself so that you have a reputation that people will refer you and recommend you because of the experience they had with you and making a major decision about something in their lives.

Marco Kozlowski: I Amen to that. And from from a listener perspective, if I’m in the dumps, and I’m live going out of my car, I got four kids, I’m showering at the why I’m going to the library to use the internet, I don’t have anything just lost it all just made some bad decisions. And here I am. Now, what I help people with is having access to money that doesn’t require a credit or or, or a downpayment, if they buy it at the right price, they can’t buy it at the right price unless these communicate in a way where it’s effective enough for people to trust. And that’s really what I focus on the most is how to communicate how to speak like you actually have the ability to close in order for them to trust you to discount to unlock the money that’s necessary in order to do the next step, right? Because they don’t trust you, they’re not going to do anything. So I have this inner belief as a listener, and again, I don’t know, as a listener, where you are, what you’ve done, what’s going on having a bad day, great day, whatever that is, but do you have a tool or an insight or something, a mantra, something, a nugget that the listener can take away and just say, well, this is what Les says. Because there’s, there’s, you know, there’s less, and there’s like, that’s 100. And then there’s Marco, which was like one in my opinion, right? You’re you’re just you’re phenomenal. Right? And you’ve been at this, and I I’m a student, yeah.

Les Brown: Yeah. How old are you?

Marco Kozlowski: I’m 51. Okay,

Les Brown: I was doing this before you were born. I’ve been doing this for 53 years. Let me show you

Marco Kozlowski: proving for 53 years every year. Yeah, better and better every year,

Les Brown: as a man’s reaches to supersede his grass or what are the heavens for but let me share something with you. I did a training I now train speakers that one of my mentees, Dr. Myles Monroe said, Mr. Brown, there’s no success without successors. And one of the students in the class said, here’s something I’ve got to tell you. And I said, what? You remember when you had the Penobscot building? And I said, Yes. He said, I was in the car to listening to a cassette tape by you. I picked up my grandmother. And she said, Don’t listen to him. And he asked, why not. And she said, he has an office in the Penobscot building, he sleeps on the floor, he baits in the sink down the hall. And when the janitorial staff come in, he hides in the closet, with the two people that’s working with him, don’t listen to him. And he said, I’m glad that I didn’t take my grandmother’s advice. Because she saw a guy who was down on his luck at that point in time that was growing, that was developing, bathing in the sink down the hall. But the reason that he decided to listen to me, he didn’t see what she saw. There’s a reason we’re taught Judge not according to appearances. And so as we look at where we are particularly now, in as we talked about earlier, the distraction economy, you have to ask yourself that question, given what’s going on? Who is it i have to be what radical change must take place in me, so that I’m able to deliver the kind of experience with customers, that they look at me and said, That’s the one. This is the person that I would trust with making a major decision in my life for my family, that’s the person that I want. And that level of confidence is is comes out of the level of competence that you are training people that that hold them out to a higher level. Henry David Thoreau said, Do not go with a path may lead go with his no path and leave a trail. So the training that you provide, helped people to elevate themselves and in pre improve their skills, their presentation, and their knowledge by growing continuously so that they can create a better commercial, better experience for their customers. I remember lady who became a dominant force in her industry, they asked her how did you get here? And she said, it’s not our intention to please our customers, or to satisfy our customers. Our intention is to amaze them. And the training that you provide for the people that that under your leadership and that listen to you, they’re able to create an incredible experience that people are amazed with their knowledge with they’re caring, and they’re being focused on building a relationship because people can smell commission breath.

Marco Kozlowski: I can’t thank you enough for those. Those words. And the thing that I I would love to have as You would in anything that we do a success rate that’s 100%. Right? We want everyone to succeed. It’s as a mentor, as someone that invests quite a lot of energy into serving my community, I’m very active with with my tribe, I want everyone to be served at the highest level so they can get wealthy because I’m my belief, it’s everyone’s God given right to be wealthy through the service of others. Doing it well, having a mechanism to do that without, you know, hurting yourself. Because if you’re, you don’t want to drown with a drowning person by not knowing how to swim. So, as a mentor, for me advice, I’m going to ask, what can what can I possibly communicate to my tribes members or a human being that’s listening? Now? That’s just always procrastinating. And just, and I don’t know if it’s possible to fix everybody, because it’s usually those that complain the loudest, right? Those that have the smallest minds usually have the biggest mouse, right? It’s, it’s inversely proportional. I don’t know how to always inspire those human beings to just just do something. And it’s just 20 minutes to help me help me help me with my dilemma. Well,

Les Brown: it is not a dilemma. There’s a reason that we’re taught the road to life and straight and narrow. and few there be that find it, why a few there be that are willing to discipline themselves. Socrates said, The undisciplined life isn’t insane, like the majority of people won’t participate in their own rescue. Remember that movie, where the guy said helped me to help you that most people are lazy, that they don’t want it like you want it, they’re not willing to sacrifice, they’re not willing to put into work commit that works unto the Lord. And that thought should be established, and all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy path, they’re not willing to make the commitment and do the work that you’re willing to do. You came to yourself, you went through a journey, and you decided this is not going to break me, this is going to make me it introduce you to a part of yourself that you would have not known had you not gone through what you went through, and you came to yourself, like the prodigal son. And so what we can best do is one, be the example and let people know that you are an example not an exception. And ultimately, they have to make the decision. Just like Michael made a decision saying, This is not me symbol, you will more than that which you have become. That’s what happened when you had that breakthrough. When someone said, Hey, you ought to where’s the Red Sox? That stayed with you? That was an interruption. And so when you think about people, the majority of people, they’re not going to make it. Why? They don’t want to, they don’t want it bad enough. Never. I say, you gotta be hungry. And when I think about me, born an abandoned building on a floor in a poor section of Miami, Florida, being a foster kid with my twin brother. And ultimately, I was labeled educable mentally retarded in the fifth grade and put back to the fourth grade and failed again in high school to have no college training. But I had this high school teacher who had a personality just like you as Marco. And he challenged me one day before the class, I was looking for a friend and he said, I want you to go to the board and work this problem out for me. I said, Sir, I can’t do that. I’m just looking for my friend back off the Stevens. He said, Do what I’m asking you to do anyhow. And I said, Sir, I can’t do it. And the kid started laughing, saying he Leslie. He’s got a twin brother, Wesley, Wesley smart. He’s the T and he asked, What’s the T? He’s the dumb twin. And he looked at me. And I said, I am Sir. And he came from behind his desk, and he pointed at me said, Don’t you ever say that again? someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality. Do you hear me? And I said, Yes, sir. Now Mama said sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you. Words do hurt and very deeply. But when he spoke and there are people listening to me right now that when you speak Mako, you give them a larger vision of themselves beyond their mental conditioning, and you ignite something in them. There’s old saying about, you can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make them drink. But if you have someone working with them, that they’re exposed to their level of consciousness and communication, you can create a thirst where they want to drink you are doing the work, but we will not have 100% We will not reach everybody know there are certain people that will hear your voice and there are some people that won’t, especially people who you know, and people that are in your family. I’ve got some Big Brothers and sisters, and they don’t come to any of my motivational events. And they don’t listen to me. Because they know me familiarity breeds good.

Marco Kozlowski: It’s true. Mrs. Very true. Are you still connected with your brother Wesley? Do you ever so lonely, we live

Les Brown: together. He’s my hero. He, he served two tours in Vietnam and the Persian Gulf is he has a purple heart, his wife of 50 years and six months, she passed around six months ago. And so we’re together with you know, I told him, I said, Look, I came here looking for you, you. You came out first. And after five minutes, I heard something, and they slap you in the bud and I came on, say what’s going on? And then they pulled me out. We’re together. And it’s been an incredible experience. I said, we’re going to finish life together.

Marco Kozlowski: What a great journey. That’s so good. Was there a defining moment for you mine was when I’ve struggled. I had four kids at 24. We got married at 18. And a concert pianist. That’s my background. And I was fed up of being fed up and had started a journey of how to improve myself so I could earn more money for my family. For those that don’t know you, what was your defining moment? Because I’ll share mine after because that was my second one with the Red Sox. But I had one that was different, but also impactful that when I was 2627, that really changed my life. So entry.

Les Brown: Yeah. Well, without any question, one of the most traumatic experiences, I went to work with my my mother, as I mentioned, I’m adopted. And I just found out two, two years ago, if you if you going online, and people listening, say les Brown’s 2021 Surprise, they’ll see a picture of me and my birth mother never thought I would ever see a picture of her. Tell us a story. But But my mother, Mrs. Mamie Brown, I always say that God took me out of my biological mother’s womb and placed me in the heart of my adopted mother. She took me to work with her one day. And as Tara said, Mamie, I want you to go down the hall. And I want you to find that, that that hat that I like to wear when it’s sunny outside, this is on Miami Beach. And when Mama went down the hall Marco. I heard a clap. And I was curious, but I was cleaning the kitchen floor. And I asked I said mom, ah, and she said, What is it Leslie, why you clapping your hands? She said, don’t you worry about it, you just continue to clean the floor. And then she came out and she said Miss Harris is not in there. So Miss Harrison will go down and look at the room on the other side. And Mama went down and and once again, she is clapping our hands. And I was curious. I said Mama, and she was irritated. What is it? Leslie, why are you clapping your hands? She said, Just do what you’re doing. Don’t worry about it. And at that moment, Miss Harris came over to me. And she said, I can tell you why she’s clapping her hands. And I asked her why? She said because when I have people working for me, and I have them looking for something and I can’t see them. I make them clap their hands to make sure they’re not stealing. I’d drop the washcloth and the soap. At this time black people were not allowed to look white people in the eyes. I stood up and I looked her in the eyes. I said my mother is not a thief. She loves you and she loves your children. She would not steal from anybody. And she was shocked. And she just turned and walked away and I went back down on that floor. And I was tears was mixed with the soap in the water. And when we went back across the Venetian causeway on Miami Beach, I was looking out of the window. And Mama said Leslie, I said yes ma’am. You want you talking now? And she looked at me and I was crying. She said why are you crying? I said because I want to be a man. I want to be a man she said you will be a man soon enough when you turn 18 I said I want to be a man now. Because if I was a man now I have a job I can take care of you. You won’t have to clean people’s homes. I will buy a home for you. If I was a man now you won’t have to cook for somebody we have to wait and then see what’s leftover and we pack up the the leftover to go home and eat and if I was a man now, no one ever make you clap your hands because they think that she was steely? And she said, This Harris told you that, didn’t she? I said, Yes, ma’am. That’s why I want to be a man now mom, as well. And my mother raised us, a man provides and protect. And, and that when I turned 18, and said, Mama, you don’t have to work anymore. I set her down. And I took care of a mother until she passed it at night. As a turning point.

Marco Kozlowski: It it happened for you. In that’s amazing. Yes.

Les Brown: That’s interesting. You should say that. I often say that life is live going forward. What we learn from it, look back. Because that ignited something in me that Mama, she adopted seven kids. But only one there’s Ed my lead, he has a book called The One. I was the only one that was my magnificent obsession, Mama, what is it? Leslie, when I become a man, I’m going to buy your home, I’m on what is it? Leslie, you get, oh, you’re not going to go to a nursing home, I will take care of you. And so that, that you, you have to have something in your life. So it was Dr. Howard Thurman, he said, Don’t ask what is the meaning of life? Ask what is the meaning of your life. And this area where you are and people that you are training in, and helping them to develop themselves, self awareness is major, that and being able to master themselves, and then upgrade their skills, so that they can provide for themselves for their family, and live a life that will outlive them to live a life of impact. Absolutely,

Marco Kozlowski: to leave a legacy and live one at the same time. And not necessarily believe in the lie of you know, you have to have all these all these degrees, or all this level of schooling or connections in order to do something well, you could do, you can either earn them, or you can write a check and get them if I want to learn how to speak I can do do it by trial and error, or I can follow you and learn from the best possible people and acquire very specialized knowledge that I would never be able to get it’s actually 1000s of years of knowledge. Because when you train someone and they make a mistake that you would have never made you learn from that as well. So you become a very wise leader by really observing and paying attention and listening to what’s happening within your tribe. And and I really look up to people that don’t do the same thing for 25 3040 years. I’ve been doing this for 30 years, but the same year for 30 years doesn’t impact me. Because as things change, and people change, and the economy shifts and things that worked five years ago don’t work today. You have to constantly shift. And listen,

Les Brown: Peter Drucker said this is the era of the three C’s accelerated change, overwhelming complexity, and tremendous competition. Yeah. And so what you’re doing is providing training, cutting edge training, that allow the people that are under your leadership, allow them to discover parts of themselves that they don’t know right now because you push them and you stretch them and you hold them accountable to a higher standard. And that’s very important in today’s marketplace. Yes,

Marco Kozlowski: absolutely. And I heard this quote, It stood by me for a very long time. You should be wealthy for not the money that it brings, but for who you become.

Les Brown: Yes, absolutely. You don’t get in life what you want you to get in life what you are what you exactly,

Marco Kozlowski: very, absolutely. My and I hate to even share this story now because yours has more impact than mine. It I was my i My kids were playing on the floor with I had four kids by the time I was 24. So I might Oliver the oldest. I’m a granddad now he just had a baby Elliott second, they were playing Legos on the floor. Mercedes was being fed by my wife. And the bun in the oven was Bentley. She was pregnant. around February March. I’m Canadian. This was near Montreal. The doorbell rang and I at that time in my life. I was a stay at home dad. I didn’t work was a pianist. I made $7,000 A year Canadian Just like two bucks American, and I stayed at home and my wife did all the work, and I was delighted I love being a dad was like, I get to play with my kids all day long. Fantastic. You know, it’s great. And if I wanted $5, and she said, No, it was okay, because she handled the money. So I was not trained on how to handle money or understand money at all. In fact, I was terrified of money, because money was a bad thing growing up bad relationship with money. So the doorbell rang. My wife was exhausted from a long day, she wanted to be with the kids. She said, can you just go tell the landlord that we don’t have the money, we’re going to be five days, like six days late. We’re waiting for somebody to come in. And it was like, What do I have to do? I don’t know. Like, I was terrified, terrified to tell this guy to go away. Say, Okay, tell me the exact words. What are the words I need to say? Just Just tell him that he has to wait five days, don’t worry about it. Just go. It’s no big deal. Just ask him. It was like asking me to kill someone. It was like, What the heck. So I’m trying to memorize my lines. I I open the door as he’s like Bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, I look at him and the guys may be five foot two very small guy. And I’m six, three, like, I’m way bigger. And I’m looking at him. He’s looking at me, look at me looking at him looking at me looking at him. It’s like, Where’s my money? When like, I completely blanked out and I said, my wife has something to tell you. He pushes through me. That’s the kind of person I was, he pushes through me It Snow, snow in his boots and dirt. He’s going through the whole house looking for my wife. And he starts yelling at her that she’s a piece of crap for not being able to pay on time. Because apparently, we’re always late. I didn’t know because I didn’t handle the money. Just yelling at her, invited himself into our home. And all I could do was stare at the whole situation and say nothing. Hmm. And she looked at me, like I was worthless. And I felt it. I felt that this was wrong. And I knew at that point, that was for me the point where I need to improve. Or this is what’s going to happen for the rest of my life. How can I possibly call myself a man just like you said, I want to be a man. I want to take care of it because my dad and my mom met when like he was 16. She was 14 apparently was legal back then. So and he’s always been there for my mom and taking care of her. And she wanted something that had conversations. It was I had a great role model as far as that goes. And that was in this and I’m like, I am not a man. I’m not a provider. I’m not even an advisor. I’m just there and I’m playful. I need to be more. So that’s when I picked up every book I could self development book, Tony Robbins read it all read a lot of you know, as much as I could digest your stuff less. Anything I could get on anything. I started digesting so I could improve, which actually fractured our marriage, because then I changed as a human being she wanted someone that was not as strong. Right? She and at one point we we got divorced. But she’s we’re still very good friends. She just stayed at my house for a month. Because she was getting some tests on MediCal. She lives in Los Angeles. And she’s here now. But for a month, no problem. Come stay at the house. We’re very good friends. We’ve never had a problem, our divorce cost 600 bucks. So it’s just I had to go on that journey. I think everyone has a pivotal moment where they but again, you made the decision, right to change,

Les Brown: right? And that’s what you did to that. When I was down on my luck friend of mine came to my house. And he said to me, I was depressed, I’d been fired. I was in radio at the time. He said Les Brown. He said things aren’t going to get better for you until you get better. Things are not going to change in your life. Until you change, as I like to say. And he turned and walked out. And and that left allow me to deal with that. And I pondered and I took it to heart I was not offended. But he spoke it in a way that interrupted my anger. You know, Helen Keller says when one door closes, another door opens. But most of us spend so much time looking at the closed door. We don’t see the Open Doors that’s available to us. And he interrupted my anger. Anger is a wind that blows out the lamp of the mind and caused me to start thinking about myself and that whatever I have in my life, I created it. And I could change it. Yeah, I’ve got I’ve got to get this other call I love

Marco Kozlowski: I know I know you gotta go and before we even if you just have to disappear in the middle of the night, that’s fine. I know we gotta go and all I can say is I really appreciate you and You know, as I love you hug No, I don’t wanna get too close to one make it weird. Yeah,

Les Brown: you got to put a ring on it. I,

Marco Kozlowski: my second year forces, second divorce was too traumatic, you know, I’d say it hurt my feelings, because she took all of them, you know, I don’t have any left. I appreciate you so very much for investing some time between things, you’re I know you’re, listen, we all have very limited amount of time and investing one minute with us, I appreciate it. So very much, you’re the best. I look forward to interacting with you as much as possible and serving you in your community as much as possible. Whatever I can do, if I can add any value to you and your your tribe in any way, I’m delighted to do it. And, and

Les Brown: I’ve we’re all here to serve. So yes, and I’m here to serve you as well. Well,

Marco Kozlowski: I, I don’t I give to give less I give to give, I don’t expect anything in return other than just I want to be a servant of yours any way that I can. And that’s you don’t, I’m not expecting any reciprocity, other than I appreciate you very much. And as if you’re listening to this right now, appreciate you as a listener, like us, love us, share us do whatever you got to do. And remember, change starts with you. If you want change, you have to be that change you are what how you act, and just improve as as much as you can. I’m stuttering right now, because I’m so excited. Do what you got to do to get what you want to get. And remember what matters. It’s not money. It’s people, your family. And or if you’re willing, most people are willing to die for their kids. Are you willing to live for your kids? And we’ll leave it at that. Thank

Les Brown: you. Bye for now. Bye

Marco Kozlowski: Bye. Ciao. Ciao. Wha Thank you, Les. Thank you so much.

Les Brown: I appreciate you. Thank you,

Marco Kozlowski: man. This was fantastic. Yeah, I love this. Thank you. Thanks, man. Have a good one. doodles Buh bye.