Marco Kozlowski

Marco Kozlowski


Big Fat Real Estate Checks Ep 170: Multifamily Case Study: What You Can Learn From JP Morgan Chase’s $60 Million Loss

Gabriel Araish and Marco Kozlowski emphasized the importance of market understanding and prudent real estate investment to prevent substantial losses, citing JP Morgan Chase $60 million setback as an example. They promoted informed decision-making and discussed strategies such as leveraging cash and debt for stability, underlining the significance of proactive measures for achieving financial freedom.


Big Fat Real Estate Checks Ep 168: Real Estate vs. REITs in 2024: Which Should You Buy?

Marco Kozlowski and Gabriel Araish discuss REITs, highlighting their liquidity and diversification benefits but warning of volatility and dilution risks, especially in publicly traded REITs. Gabriel favors private real estate investments for potentially better returns, advising thorough research, while Marco stresses understanding direct versus indirect real estate exposure.